The Alessandro Sbordoni Ceramics Company was established in 1910 by Alessandro Sbordoni, who was later awarded the title of Grand Officer. Initially, the production focused on artistic pottery and in the 1920’s was broadened to encompass ceramic sanitary ware. A second manufacturing site was opened in 1925 on Via Flaminia – Civita Castellana, Viterbo – right next to the train station, followed by a third site in the borough of Stimigliano Scalo. This last plant is where the production of the finest “HYGIA VITREX” branded bathroom fixtures took place, while second quality “KRISTALLI” lines were produced at the Civita Castellana site. By 1939, SBORDONI’s fame was so far reaching that it was awarded two historic acknowledgements. The first was a patent released on August 8, 1939 by the Royal House of Savoy to the Civita Castellana manufacturing site for the reproduction of the Savoy coat of arms. With that, the company boasted the appointment as official supplier to the Royal House and was able to affix the insignia of the Royal House above its own company sign. Secondly, the posting of the founder’s name, Alessandro, in the Italian Biographical Encyclopedia, in the section devoted to ceramics manufacturers. That is why the HYGIA VITREX logo featured a stylized Savoy crown.

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