The rich history of crafting quality furniture to our customers' exacting standards began in 1903 when our first product was a bed, bureau and washstand suite made from native oak and sold for $14.50, wholesale. From that very first suite produced, Drexel Heritage has always taken a stylish eye toward helping our customers complete their homes with classic furniture that has a timeless beauty. Because of this, our company has enjoyed an irrefutable reputation for superior design, underscored today by the fact that Drexel Heritage is sold only in the finest furniture stores and design studios in the country. Regardless of preferred décor style, decade after decade it seemed nearly all of our customers expressed the same desire when they came to Drexel Heritage. "Help me make it my own." In the 2000s, we were able to start fulfilling this simple wish like never before. In addition to almost every Drexel Heritage upholstery product being custom made, we offer choices of finishes, hardware, and other details. This means that the options to personalize your home are almost endless.

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