Siebe Baker, an immigrant from the Netherlands, founds an interior woodwork and door company in 1890 in Allegan, MI, just west of Grand Rapids. The company makes its first piece of furniture three years later, a combination desk and bookcase. Hollis S. Baker, son of Siebe Baker, graduates from the University of Michigan in 1910 and joins Baker Furniture as a salesman. Hollis M. Baker becomes the company’s president in 1961, finding new niches in the luxury market and introducing a wealth of new collections. Baker opens a new manufacturing facility in Mockville, NC, in an effort to create the industry’s highest-quality production-made furniture. From 19th-century the quality of Baker design, materials, craftsmanship and finishes remains unsurpassed. Baker is proud to work side-by-side with extraordinary artisans and master crafters, their trades passed down through the generations for more than a century. Together they produce authentic designs of incomparable quality, rich in a complexity and detail. These unique capabilities allow Baker to nurture collaborative relationships with the most respected designers from all over the globe. The result? Exquisite furniture that will stand the test of time, beautifully. Explore a hand-chosen selection of living rooms, bedrooms and more, and find the elements that bring the looks you love to life.

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