Christopher Guy Harrison was born in Britain, raised in Spain and France, now residing in Singapore, Christopher's international background enable him to draw inspiration from everything he admires and transcends this into his designs. Well-known for fusing classicism with modernism, Christopher Guy's style can be described as "contemporary with classical values". A singular vision and uncompromising sense of style and pursuit of elegance have driven Christopher to continually redefine the aesthetics of design.ith presence in 39 cities around the world including showrooms throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Christopher Guy creations are selected by leading designers and retailers.A newly designed gallery presentation of Christopher Guy’s designs at Harrods in London will be launched this June. A state-of-the-art global flagship showroom is under construction in one of Singapore’s prestigious locations overlooking the city-state’s majestic and inspiring skyline. The new 1,000 sq m showroom will serve as the model for Christopher Guy’s mono-branded showrooms across the globe.

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