Since 1968, when the company was established, DISVALMA has followed tenaciously an objective: to be able to improve our product to the tastes of the most demanding consumer. Keeping our classical tendency, defending the quality and the artisan production as superior values and adapting the latest technologies to our products, we have obtained the prize to our efforts. The purpose of our work has always been to do things as best as possible. That's why our high qualified team, works by hand in a professional and competent manner. This way is how we have obtained the trust of our customers worldwide. Making them feel sure of the high quality of our finishes, taking care from the smallest details and treating exclusively every product. For DISVALMA, quality is the most decisive point for selecting each raw material, which will be use in the production of our furniture. Due to this tireless work, DISVALMA has achieved a high reputation in the difficult furniture market, both nationally and internationally. DISVALMA is maintaining the loyalty of its customers worldwide as well as the same illusion of the first day in producing the best.

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