The furniture and accessory industry is evolving daily with ever-changing designs, home fashion trends and styles that are obsolete almost as soon as they are introduced! However, the John-Richard culture has become an icon in this home fashion industry, a staple, if you will, in tasteful, classic home design. Each season, close to a thousand new items are introduced - from all the categories offered. Our designs are influenced by the world around us...richness found in exotic cities, architecture from off the beaten path bistros or the color of a blouse worn on a city bus. The inspirations are boundless, but our products, are bountiful. Foolish to mention the word 'love'? Not when you see the products. They evoke a sense of emotion and you can feel the sincerity that has gone into each piece. The design staff brings their love of beautiful things into all of their works. That passionate attention to detail is what sets John-Richard apart day after day, year after year, as the most sought after resource for a beautiful home. Lighting, accessories, accent furniture, case goods, botanicals, and our newest category, cohesively together to make John-Richard the only destination you need for creating the spaces in your home you have always wanted. John-Richard does make the difference. As for love...well, John-Richard believes you will fall in love with each and every John-Richard category...and in turn, in the quiet of the day, hear the products whisper..."I just love living with you."

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