Decorative Crafts began in 1928 under the name “Italian Crafts,” when Milton Cohn began importing Italian ceramics and leather goods. During World War II, Milton changed the name of the business to “Decorative Crafts,” stopped importing from Italy, and started selling American goods. After the war he went back to buying only Italian merchandise, from the same suppliers and agent he had used before the war. He decided to keep the new name. Milton’s son, Richard, took over the business in the 1950’s. He turned the focus to Florentine items made of wood, consisting of gifts, accessories, and small furniture. He also introduced the catalog in 1965, making Decorative Crafts one of the first companies to have one. In 1977 Richard’s son, Jeff, joined the business. He tours Italy to seek the finest quality artisans. These skilled artisans make each piece of furniture and lighting by hand, producing beautiful results. The most discerning designers rely on Decorative Crafts to provide them with the finest quality available to suit their customer’s taste. The fourth generation of the Cohn family, Matthew, has taken the role of Vice President. Matt’s first major project has been to help increase awareness of the company, taking advantage of modern technology to help increase company visibility in the increasingly digitized world.

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